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The main reason behind the use of only willow wood to make cricket bats is “tradition”. Yes, using willow wood for making cricket bats is a tradition since time immemorial. Its use was first mentioned in 1624. It is arguably the ideal wood for making cricket bats. Though many experiments have been made in the past using other woods and other materials to make a cricket bat, willow is still considered as the best.

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"Currently, law 5.3.2 states that the blade of the bat must consist solely of wood, so for bamboo (which is a grass) to be considered as a realistic alternative to willow would require a law change.

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Cricket bats generally are made out of the wood from willow trees (Salix alba Caerulea). This wood is soft and fibrous, so a great deal of care and maintenance is required if the bat is to perform at its peak capacity. Building your own cricket bat at home requires a bit of woodworking knowledge and skill in order to create the ideal bat for you.

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A cricket bat is a specialised piece of equipment used by batsmen in the sport of cricket to hit the ball, typically consisting of a cane handle attached to a flat-fronted willow-wood blade. It may also be used by a batter who is making their ground to avoid a run out, if they hold the bat and touch the ground with it. The length of the bat may be no more than 38 inches and the width no more than 4.25 inches. Its use is first mentioned in 1624. Since 1979, a law change stipulated that bats can o

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1 Answer 1. ActiveOldestVotes. 5. One reason for this is, it is a tradition and is the ideal wood for this. Normally all the cricket bats are made of english willow and they are still following that tradition. As per Wikithe other reason is, it is very tough and shock-resistant, not being significantly dented nor splintering on the impact of a cricket ball at high speed, while also being light in weight.

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Answer (1 of 5): Having made several cricket bats out of a single piece of wood (Willow, Oak, Cedar), I can give you the real reasons. * The handle has to be round - this means it has to be turned on a lathe - Most lathes cannot handle a wildly asymmetrical piece of wood like a bat blank.

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The Marylebone Cricket Club in London, which is guardian of the game's laws, says for now the bats are illegal -- the laws state that bats must be made out of wood, and bamboo is technically a grass.

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The only wood used to make a cricket bat should be willow and it should come from the very straight grained white willow. Around England you will see fairly small fields full of very straight, lightly leafed trees. Many of these will be for cricket bats. The wood is carefully selected to provide predictable response to hitting a cricket ball.

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Cricket Bats with concave back profiles are those that have had wood scooped out from either side of the bat’s spine. Modern cricket bat have flat toe bottom, sharp edge and filled back profile. Some profiles have filled backs with little to no concaving.