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NBA Over/Under Betting Guide - Understand NBA Over/Under Bets

Over/under betting is the second most popular type of wager in basketball behind point spread betting. In placing an NBA over/under bet you are predicting whether the total number of points scored in the matchup will be higher or lower than the predicted number. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best option.

Over/Under | Learn the Secrets of this Simple and Effective Bet!

The Over Under betting strategy is a simple and easy system that you can use with confidence over a wide variety of ball-orientated sports. Technically part of the 2 Way bet family , Over / Under bets, as the name implies, works on predicting a score line that is either:

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A regular over/under bet would find the gambler risking $110 to win $100. In case the gambler risks an equal amount of money on over and under bets, he will be assured of making a return no matter what the consequence. While betting on basketball totals, the number can range between a lowly 120 to a massive 200 plus for more professional league ...

Over under bets strategy - explanation and examples

What is an over/under-bet? In the beginning the over/under-bet was used to bet on how many goals will be scored at a game. Usually book-makers offered to bet on whether there will be more or less than 2.5 goals. But by now many bookmakers like Tipico Sportsbook, Bwin or Bet365 have introduced a various range of over/under-bets. So now you can almost bet on everything to be over or under a certain point. E. g.

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Strategies for betting on total under or over. Bet on total over in an NBA match for odds in the range of 1.75-1.95 according to the criteria: Both teams are ranked in the bottom half of the table in defensive rankings. The most productive opponents will take part in the match. Both teams are in the top 15 in pace.

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OVER/UNDER betting is also called a totals bet. The total in any given sporting event is a combined score of both teams. The total for these games is a number that is set by oddsmakers based on how they envision a game will unfold from a scoring perspective. As a bettor, you would need to select if the total number of points scored by both teams will be OVER or UNDER the set total.

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Over/under bet strateg y. One thing in advance: Over/Under bets are very popular with both beginners and professional sports bettors. Since these are 2-way bets, the risk is low, while at the same time the betting odds can be quite good and comparatively high. In theory, the chances of winning the game are 50-50.

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Total betting is essentially a 50/50 proposition on whether the total points scored by both teams will go over or under the bookmaker’s posted total. Also known as over/under betting, this type of wager is available on almost any sport you can think of: football, basketball, baseball, hockey and soccer to name a few.