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Tips For When A Doubles Team Has A Lefty And A Righty

The key is to recognize where your strengths are in Lefty/Righty doubles and jump on it! Strategy for Lefty/Righty Doubles: (Having a left handed and right handed doubles team) Tactic: Place the Lefty on the deuce side of the court because: • Both forehands and overheads are in the middle • Lefty servers naturally serve to opponent’s backhand • Lefty returns can be inside out forehands and natural crosscourt backhands

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It is because 60% to 70% of the shots are down the middle that you want to play lefty ad, righty deuce. You have a bit more reach on your forehand side, even with the one handed backhand. Which means you can position yourself more towards the middle and still cover the same ground.

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It really doesn't matter. Many people like to put the lefty on ad side and righty on deuce, with the intent that their strong forehands can handle the wide serve. Generally, you want to return serve crosscourt back to the server and away from the person at net.

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Forehands down the middle if you have a lefty and rightie (unless one player is much stronger on one side). That is the beauty of doubles, trying to find that mixture of 2 different players/personalities that can blend well most of the time. It is always interesting to me, playing with someone new.

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Ariel Hsing, Shirley Fu, Coach Roger Yuen, Princeton University Table Tennis Club, November 2013.

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When you're setting up to receive for the first time in a match, it's usually best to position your doubles team with the leftie in the deuce court and the rightie in the ad court. This puts both players in a position to have their forehands in the middle of the court where most balls will (or should) be going in a typical doubles match.

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5. Which side a lefty can play in tennis doubles? In case you a team comprised of a lefty and a righty player, it’s recommended to put the lefty on the ad court and righty on the deuce court.

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When a righty and a lefty play together it is usually best to put the right on the deuce side and the lefty on the ad side. This way both players will get many more forehand returns and they can cover wide serves much better. It is also far more difficult for the sever to volley away from the receiver's forehand on subsequent shots.

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If the sun is coming from the duece side, then the lefty should serve because the sun won't be much in their eyes during the serve — they will be able to serve better and play without a burn spot in their vision from trying to serve with the ball next to the sun. If the sun is on the ad side, then the righty should serve on that side.