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Is the term 'way much better' grammatically correct? - Quora

If “much better” does not convey a sufficient level of “better” for you, you could intensify it either by repeating “much” - much, much better - though this might sound a little pompous to some people - or by replacing “way much” by a different intensifier: “far better” or even “better by far”.

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"Way" here simply means "much". In effect, people are saying "I hope you feel much better". This use of the word "way" is common in North America and has been recorded in Oxford Dictionaries (check under the "adverb" heading).

Should it be 'way better' or 'much better'? - Quora

Answer (1 of 3): Much better is grammatically correct and always acceptable in any context. He’s feeling much better today. Far better is also a good option. This hotel is far better than the one we stayed in last year.

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A personal preference for doing things in a certain way: your way; A plan to solve a difficult situation: their talks opened the way for a solution. As we have noted, it is better to steer clear of the informal and slang uses of way in formal speech and writing.

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These are correct: Faster or Much faster Way faster is a colloquial expression but technically not correct. Way much faster is simply incorrect. Synonym for Way much faster They're the same if you ask, they mean the same thing.

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In a more favorable position or financial circumstances. For example, They were better off flying than driving there, or They were better off than most of their neighbors. This phrase is the comparative form of well off. [Mid-1800s]

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Way much faster の類義語 They're the same if you ask, they mean the same thing. However 'much' would be better, there's no such thing as 'more faster than', but there is 'much faster than' in comparison to something else.|Neither of those are correct.

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